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One of the first things I tell anybody when they’re shopping for a sex toy is to avoid Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, Groupon, and all those sort of sites like the plague. Amazon is the big one. I completely understand the impulse to want to buy there. You probably do a lot of your other shopping there, the prices are often low, and orders Fulfilled by Amazon are about as discreet as packaging can get. But there are some major issues that can come along with Amazon sex toy shopping that a lot of people don’t ever consider.

First of all, Amazon, eBay, and the like are absolutely rife with counterfeit sex toys. You may think you’re getting a great deal on an njoy Pure Wand, LELO vibrator, or other toy, but there is an unnervingly high chance that you’ll actually end up receiving a lower quality replica. These fakes can look so accurate that you might not even realize you didn’t get what you paid for, until it quickly breaks on you and the manufacturer refuses to honor the warranty because it’s not actually their product. Counterfeit toys are often also made from questionable materials rather than the silicone or stainless steel advertised, so you have no idea what you’re actually putting into your body. It’s a dangerous game.

Secondly, even if the seller is an approved retailer with genuine product, if the order is Fulfilled by Amazon you could still get a fake. Amazon warehouses apparently don’t separate the stock of different sellers. Every seller that claims to be selling a (Hitachi) Magic Wand, for example, has their stock thrown in the same bin. When you order one, someone at the warehouse nearest to you just grabs a box out of the big Magic Wand bin. It might not be stock from the specific seller you ordered from. That warehouse might not even have stock from that particular seller. It’s completely random — you’re basically playing warehouse bin roulette — and you could easily end up with a sketchy counterfeit toy.

Finally, I’ve heard rumors of people getting toys from Amazon that appear to have been previously used. I don’t think I even need to tell you how gross that is. Stay safe.

boycott amazon

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