TOUCH OF HONEY-RASP/CHOCKingman My Joy Collection A Touch of Honey Body Dust Sensuously Edible is available in three different flavors: Vanilla Madness, Passion Berry and Raspberry Chocolate. Each sold separately. This lightweight edible body dust is perfect for sensory exploration! Spread the dust over your partner’s body with the marabou feather then taste, kiss and lick off partner. Edible body Powder is made from pure edible ingredients, including honey. Apply teasingly with the soft pink marabou feather that is included. Made with real honey and pure edible ingredients, 100% natural and not tested on animals. 4 ounces (60g). Ingredients: Corn starch, Dextrose, Baked honey, Sodium saccharin. A Touch of Honey Raspberry Chocolate from Kingman My Joy Collection. 19

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